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Wrap Up: SuiteWorld 2023

Oracle NetSuite’s annual conference

We returned to Oracle NetSuite’s annual conference, SuiteWorld 2023, themed ‘SuiteUp,’ as the event marked its impressive 25th year in operation.

A truly unique four-day event held from October 16-19 at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, our team delved into cutting-edge advancements and improving internal capabilities. With our Co-Founder, CEO and NetSuite Specialist in attendance, we engaged in keynotes, connected with partners who could further advance our ERP system’s capability and attended critical training and workshops to elevate our internal skill set.

Read more about our experience and what it means for Synergetics and our clients below.

NetSuite ERP: Revolutionizing Advanced Electronics Design and Manufacturing

NetSuite’s ERP system has become the cornerstone of Synergetics operations, empowering us to deliver an unmatched customer experience from design and manufacturing to service and repair.

By seamlessly integrating NetSuite ERP, we have unlocked a myriad of uniquely competitive processes. From optimizing supply chain management to ensuring precise inventory control, this powerful ERP solution enhances every facet of our manufacturing endeavours and customer experience.

Moreover, in the realm of design, NetSuite ERP augments our capabilities, enabling us to streamline complex design processes, manage projects efficiently, and deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients in industries including (but not limited to) Defense and Security, Medical, Communications and Commercial & Industrial.

One of the most significant highlights from SuiteWorld 2023 was NetSuite’s integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

These advancements are not just about automation; they are about ushering in a new era of precision to support our industry. By harnessing the power of AI and ML, we are primed to enhance our quality control processes, predict and align BOMs and optimize production schedules. This translates into reduced downtime, increased efficiency, and a level of innovation that places Extel at the forefront of the industry.

NetSuite’s unveiling of the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution is a robust solution that automates financial processes and consolidates operational data, ensuring accuracy and speed in our decision-making processes. For Synergetics and our customers, this translates into streamlined financial operations.

Our NetSuite Specialist’s successful completion of rigorous certification program is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We have elevated our comprehensive understanding of NetSuite ERP, ensuring we can optimise the system for seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences tailored to the unique demands of our clients. 

Our participation in SuiteWorld 2023 directly translates into benefits for our valued clients. From enhanced manufacturing precision and reduced lead times to a more streamlined collaboration process in design and development, our adoption of cutting-edge technologies ensures that the products we create for you are not only of the highest quality but also delivered with unmatched efficiency and innovation.

In closing, our SuiteWorld 2023 experience has equipped us with the knowledge and tools that will enable us to continue to focus on constant growth and evolution for our business and our clients. We are dedicated to leveraging these advancements to provide unparalleled solutions, marking a forever–evolving partnership.

For more information on how our globally unique ERP system can enhance your product development journey and get your product to market, please contact our Monterey office. – Director, Business Development