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Our Services

Established in 1993, Synergetics, situated in Monterey, California, has been operating as a design and manufacturing facility specializing in electronic assemblies. Our track record reflects a consistent commitment to delivering high-quality products, earning us a commendable level of customer satisfaction.

Delivering fast turnaround, quality assemblies and dependable, on-time results for your custom PCB, cable and electro-mechanical, electronic design, manufacturing or service requirements.

We uphold rigorous quality standards as an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturing facility. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and ongoing education, we help customers meet assembly quality control standards, earning a reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Synergetics offers RoHS and non-RoHS soldering. A trusted partner for years, they consistently deliver exceptional service, meet tight deadlines, and maintain a positive attitude, earning trust and reliability from customers.

Our early component selection considers cost, availability, and lifecycle, ensuring a steady raw material supply. This proactive approach minimizes production disruptions from unavailability or obsolescence. We provide alternative component recommendations when obsolescence is anticipated.


Great ideas require great execution. We specialize in the creation of advanced electronic products that demand high reliability in the most challenging environments.

Services include:

  • Full service contract electronics manufacturer
  • Complete solutions
  • PCB assembly
  • Box-build assembly
  • Low to medium volume production
  • Agility to deliver fast turnaround
  • Rapid response prototyping
  • Access to global supply chain
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Computer Microchips

Incorporating Design for Manufacturing (DfM) methodology, we optimize component selection and board layout for cost efficiency in your project. DFM anticipates and addresses potential production issues beforehand, minimizing costs and streamlining design and manufacturing processes.

Deliver the product you really need by using Synergetics Manufacturing design and layout team to make your idea a reality. Our 13+ years of experience is employed using the latest technologies to create, layout, and document your product for efficient manufacturing.

We partner with our customer's engineering team early in the process of design and production. Regular reviews and open communication enables us to reduce cost, complexity, and variation in product in order to get you to market faster.

Design and Development.

Whether you’re a start-up with a dream or an established leader looking to build your existing footprint and forge into new territories, what’s achievable is only restricted by your imagination. Our design and engineering team will bring your product vision to life.

Services include:

  • Product discovery
  • Firmware and hardware design
  • Industrial and mechanical engineering
  • Component sourcing
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Certifications and registrations



Requirements & Prototyping.

Design reviews are conducted throughout the design process for all engineering disciplines to ensure correct integration and compliance to all requirements. Prototyping prevents product failure. Developing a prototype allows you to analyze the design and functionality before mass production.



Design &

Thorough testing your product prototype for design flaws or bugs and address these before the product is approved for manufacture, including firmware, hardware and software.
All IP associated with the product is provided. Product certification for regulatory compliance is commenced.



Transfer to Manufacturing.

Design engineers hold a transfer meeting with manufacturing. All aspects of the manufacturing and assembly process will be documented and discussed. This ensures the expected capability is aligned. The manufacturing facility will now be ready to produce the product to the correct specifications.

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Leveraging experience and scale, we excel in handling medium-volume, high-complexity products. Our service centers, staffed with skilled technicians, offer end-to-end repair services. We provide recommendations for enhanced product reliability, eliminating inefficiencies through our solutions.

Our procurement team sources global product parts, while our certified staff conducts in-house repair, upgrade, refurbishment, and testing. We provide customized testing, comprehensive PCB defect analysis, and flexible return options for an optimal solution.

We can interface with your customers for seamless product reception and shipment, providing complete logistics and warehousing for spare parts. Our handling ensures both quality and meticulous care for your products and components throughout the repair process.

Service and Repair.

Reduce risk and extend the return on product investment with completely integrated lifecycle management. Custom strategies and solutions can be developed to support the longevity of your product.

Services include:

  • Remanufacturing
  • Upgrades and retrofits
  • Scheduled maintenance and testing
  • General repairs
  • Reengineering
  • Warehousing, logistics and direct distribution

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